Interview Tips

When interviewing, you should get answers to the four questions:
  1. Is the applicant capable of performing the job?
  2. Is the applicant at least capable of learning to carry out the essential responsibilities of the job after receiving training for a reasonable length of time?
  3. Can the applicant be trusted with the responsibilities associated with the job?
  4. Is the applicant the best candidate available for the position?
Prepare for the interview

Become familiar with the job requirements and the applicant's resume or application.

Always verify past employment history Consider using our pre-employment screening

Check of credit, criminal, mvr, education, and/or drugs.

All questions should be job related.

Look for signs of achievement.

Generally, the best indicator of future performance is past performance.

When interviewing, be tactful and careful. Under State and Federal laws, individuals are protected from discrimination at the application and interview stage of pre-employment. You only need enough information about an applicant to satisfy the requirements of the position. You must be careful not to ask any possible discriminatory questions.

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