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What information does a prospective employer expect to see on your resume? Below is a table full of information that will help ensure you have everything you need to provide a professional and complete resume when applying for a job.



Contact Information Full name, Street Address, City, Sate, Zip code, and (Area Code) Phone number and email address.
Objective State the type of position you are seeking and why.  Indicate how the skills you possess would fulfill the prospective employer's needs.
Summary of Qualifications A four to six line listing of your greatest strengths in bullet form.  Can be used with or in place of an Objective.
Professional Experience In reverse chronological order list your work history.  Focus on description of positions held in recent and/or relevant jobs.
Education and Special Training List degrees, licenses or relevant certificates in reverse chronological order.
Certification and Licenses List any Board Certifications if applicable to the position.  Examples are: CPA, PHR, Real Estate License or the like.
Awards and Community Involvement Merits and awards that pertain to achievement in the workplace as well as volunteer participation.
References Most employers will expect a list of 2 or 3 people (including addresses and phone numbers) who can backup what you have said on your resume.
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